Meet Team Can Sueño!

Can Sueño is a passion for Ineke, Dick and John, three friends from The Hague in the Netherlands, and together the co-owners of Can Sueño. They are enchanted to live here in this mountain paradise and are astonished by the natural landscape, wildlife, and spaciousness. Attracted here by the contrast to life in the Netherlands, they are enjoying the peace and tranquility of this special place and a different style of life

It’s something of a family passion, from Koen, landscape gardener, (watch out for the upcoming waterfall and rare species herb garden in Can Sueño!) to Clasina, great-grandmother and sharer of the delicious apple pie recipe which has made its way into the Can Sueño lunch menu!

Hi, nice to meet you! Our names are Laura and Mireia and we are the staff at Can Sueño. We have worked for several years at Can Sueño already, and we are delighted to be part of this special place.

We will be here to welcome you when you arrive at Can Sueño for lunch, and would love to prepare you a beautiful Can Sueño cocktail or drink of your choice.

During the lunch, we will be taking care of you, so do let us know if you need anything.

Working here in the mountains in this natural environment we enjoy the seasons, the light and weather, freedom and a bit more space. In the garden edible flowers and herbs are cultivated to use in the dishes, as well as wild foraging, for example asparagus, from our mountain walks.

It’s a pleasure to be doing the service and do hope you have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy the lunch in Can Sueño!