Around Can Sueño there are plenty of wonderful places to be explored and discovered. We are so lucky here, being in this privileged position in the mountains, next to the sea. Take a stroll and a coffee and enjoy heritage village architecture, or a splash in the sea,and sunbathe on a sandy beach, there’s something for everyone!

Here are some of our favourite spots, if you like to enjoy an excursion as part of your stay here in Can Sueño.


Valencia can be reached in around two hours by car from Can Sueño and is one of Spain’s main cities. In March the city is packed as ‘Las Fallas’ are celebrated, a very large event where hand made sculptures with a satirical character, relating to local or current themes, are burned, with lots and lots of fire works!


Alicante is around one hour and a half by car from Can Sueño, and is an interesting small city with a wide range of activities. In El Campello, enjoy sunbathing on the large golden beaches. In the centre, take a walk around the port or to the castle for stunning city views and visit the archaeological museum, or go shopping and enjoy lunch in the city centre.

Benissa ecological walk

Benissa is located around one hour from Can Sueño by car, and features a gentle walking route along the beautiful coastline. Stroll along the cliffs amongst pine trees and enjoy nature, sparkling clear water and beautiful sea views. Take your swimming things and a picnic and explore some of Benissa’s small and interesting rocky coves. Cala fustera is a small sandy cove with clear water, has parking and a tourist information centre so might be a good place to begin. Several of the coves have chiringuitos, beach bars, so you can enjoy lunch or a drink with sea views.

Tárbena Village

Tárbena is located at only ten minutes by car from Can Sueño, this small village of only six hundred habitants has some charming historical features. Enjoy a coffee in one of the several small bars and a stroll, listen to the refreshing sound of the tumbling spring from ‘Sa Font d’en Mig’ and take a drink of fresh mountain water.

Tárbena Castle

The castle, ‘Sa Caseta de los Moros’ is a very pleasant one or two hour walk with spectacular moutain views to all sides. The walk begins in the Poble d’alt region of Tárbena, and the path rises up towards the east then crosses back near the summit to reach the ruins of an ancient Moorish origin castle. Enjoy a paella, a typical rice dish, in one of the village’s small restaurants.

Fuentes de Algar

Close by to Can Sueño, around twenty-five minutes by car and hidden in a secret valley, is a beautiful fresh water river, with a series of spectacular waterfalls and pools. In the summer, take your swimming things and enjoy a day out by the river. The river water is very clear and clean, and with the luxuriant green plants and trees by the riverside, you feel like you enter another, more tropical world, or a shampoo advert! There are several restaurants close by if you like to enjoy a nice lunch by the river.


A small to medium-sized town on the coast, is located at around fifty minutes from Can Sueño by car. The main beach is famous for its large white beach stones and turquoise coloured water. Take a stroll along the recently reformed waterfront walkway, enjoy a lovely drink or lunch in one of the beachfront restaurants.


Around one hour in the car from Can Sueño, this picturesque village in the mountains has a lot to offer. There are several curious museums, such as the large and small museum, and the salt and pepper shaker museum! Take a walk around the village, enjoy a coffee on a sunny terrace, and visit the historical castle. There are several miradors, or viewpoints, with beautiful views of the lake below. If you fancy something more energetic, there is a nice walking route around the lake, beginning from below at the dam. The walk takes around four to five hours and is mostly flat, circling the whole lake with spectacular views.

Old town of Altea

Discover the beautiful old town of Altea. Park on the outskirts and walk up the picturesque, steep and narrow streets cobbled with beach stones to reach the square at the top with a large church and charismatic blue dome. Explore the maze of streets with small white houses and interesting shops with artisan products. There are spectacular sea and rooftop views of Altea from the terrace behind the main square. At night the old town is especially beautiful with twinkling lights and a great atmosphere, enjoy dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants and a delicious ice cream!

We recommend visiting the ‘Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències’ and the Oceanogràfic, a large cultural complex with spectacular architecture and the biggest aquarium in Europe.

A large park runs through Valencia that is formed from a dry riverbed, a pleasant green space with parks and fountains that connects the city if you like to explore on foot or bicycle.

We can give you more information about activities in the local area, so please feel free to ask us. We do hope that you enjoy your visit to Can Sueño and the Costa Blanca!